NTI AG (LinMot) is a global manufacturer of high quality tubular style linear motors and linear motor systems and thus focuses on the development, production and distribution of linear direct drives for use in industrial environments.

Whenever translational motions need to be performed dynamically, with low friction and high flexibility, users choose linear systems.

A complete range of industrial linear motors (with forces upto 2500 N & strokes upto 1830 mm) and matching Servo Drives with variety of Fieldbus options are available under the brand name LinMot.

LinMot products, known for long service life, are used in demanding and highly dynamic positioning applications. The LinMot product range currently includes over 1000 different drives and linear motors. Matching mounting hardware & Linear Guides are available for mounting each size of linear motor.

MagSpring is a new design element, used anywhere that a constant force is required over a long stroke. MagSprings are often used in combination with LinMot linear motors, as counter balances in vertically mounted positioning applications.

Linmot Products

Linear motors

Linear Rotary Motors

Servo Drives

LinMot motors are electromagnetic direct drives in tubular form. The linear movement is generated entirely electrically and wear-free without the use of mechanical gears, spindles or belts.

LinMot’s linear rotary motors are characterized by excellent flexibility, dynamics and speed. They can be used to realize both linear and rotary movements.

LinMot Servo Drive are compact positioning controls with one or more power units for controlling the motors and an intelligent control unit with integrated position control. The control unit takes over all drive-related control and monitoring functions.

Linear motors with integrated drive


The PD03 drive unit consists of a compact linear motor and an integrated drive. This innovative concept makes it possible for the first time to eliminate the controller in the control cabinet. This concept allows the installation time and workload to be greatly reduced.

LinMot’s range of accessories, which is matched to the linear motors, allows the quick and uncomplicated realization and commissioning of a wide variety of tasks.