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20 + Years Of Manufacturing Excellence With Quality At It's Best!

Welcome to Intelligent Motion Technology:

Intelligent Motion Technology Pvt. Ltd. was established to provide control systems & products related to Servo & Motion Solutions for demanding applications in Space Technology and Micro Machining Systems. This activity further grew into the manufacturing of customized machines like Diamond Sawing Machines, Motion Platforms and Bushing Winding Machines.

Our Vision:
To make state of the art control systems and machines from concept to commissioning  in terms of its applications, implications and opportunities.

Our Mission:
To give turn key solutions to our customers in the field of Factory and Industrial Automation.


At IMTPL, we conceptualize, integrate and deliver hi-tech limited and full motion servo systems for remote sensing, telemetry, data link and TTC communication requirements.

IMTPL provides control systems for a wide range of medium and large fixed antennas for transmit/receive and receive only applications.

Diamond Sawing and Shape Cutting Machines are used to saw the diamonds with low power Laser. Several shapes of aesthetic importance can be cut with the machine.


For today’s simulation market, Intelligent Motion Technology offers electronically driven 3 DOF & 6 DOF motion platforms using latest servo-motion technology & electro-mechanical systems and suitable for mid-range payloads upto 1500 kg on top of the motion platform base.

Stabilized Platform or Antenna uses Gyro based Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) to sense the carrier vehicle’s Roll, Pitch and Yaw angles.

is able to spray by “Z” shape via two moving guides. In this way, the machine be able to paint big size product efficiently and accurately

Wide Band Bushing winding machine
The oil impregnated paper insulated bushings are used to connect overhead lines to transfomers.

IMTPL manufactures high quality Seal Trimming Machine with auto control where the operator is required to provide & draw out the products ,so even a fresh worker can operate the machine easily.

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