Antenna Control System

Antenna Control Systems

  • IMTPL provides control systems for a wide range of medium and large fixed antennas for transmit/receive and receive only applications.
    The control system features feature high antenna efficiency and excellent rejection of noise and microwave interference. application.

Operating Mode

  • Manual Mode: – To move each axis independently with different speeds
  • Designate Mode:- To Move the Antenna to the selected positions from the list
  • Preset Mode:- there are set of Satellite lists along with frequency are stored.
  • Antenna can be pointed to any of satellite selected from the list.
  • Program Track: – Following the Satellite Trajectory generated from TLE.
  • Step Track:- Following the Satellite based on the Beacon Voltage received.

Safety Interlocks :

    •  S/w position limits
    • Hardware Position limits
    • Emergency stop mounted on ADU, AZ