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   Circumference Gauge
 2.  Rotational fixture
Circumference Gauge is designed to be used with the rotational fixture. Miniature servo motor & drive will be used to rotate sample at 1000 rpm (approx.), speed can be set through the software.

Measurement data such as circumference and ovality depend upon the rotation of the sample.
 3.  PC with suitable configuration
PC with suitable configuration is used along with a though beam sensor from Keyence. Sensor has measurement accuracy of 5 micron. User friendly s/w software is made using SCADA. Circumference is found measuring diameter of the cigarette.
4.  Laser Beam
The red laser beam emitted from the visible laser diode in the transmitter is converged into a parallel beam by the transmitter lens. When the laser beam is interrupted by a target, a shadow with an era proportional to the target size is projected on the receiver. The one-dimensional CCD image sensor scans and calculates the shadow area and position at a 780 c/s sampling rate to measure target dimension or position.
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