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   Circumference Gauge
PC based circumference gauge is developed to measure cigarette diameter from 5 to 9 mm. Software for the project is developed using SCADA. Diameter of the Cigarettes is measured using Laser sensor to find out the circumference. Accuracy of measurement is to the tune of 5 micron.

System will consist of:-

1 Automatic Feeder / Hopper Assembly
2 Rotational fixture
3 PC with suitable configuration
4 Keyence laser through beam sensor
 1.   Automatic Feeder / Hopper Assembly
This assembly will be designed for automatic feeding of samples into the rotational fixture. Samples are placed into a hopper atop a feeder mechanism. The hopper holds up to 150 (max.), 7 millimeter samples.

Leveling the Feeder / Hopper Assembly
The Feeder / Hopper Assembly is fabricated from MS sheet & powder coated. The Feeder / Hopper Assembly have two devices with which one can raise or lower it. First there is a leveling arm located on the bottom of the assembly on the end nearest the rotational fixture. This arm has two positions:
Set Leveling Arm Up for – 5 to 7 millimeter range

Set Leveling Arm Down for – 7 to 9 millimeter range

Second, after setting the level arm, finish assembly leveling by adjusting the leveling footer.

Once the samples are placed in the hopper manually each sample will be selected & pushed in the rotational fixture. Suitable soft end effecter is put at the tip of the cylinder arm to ensure smooth pushing of the samples without damage. No. of strokes of the cylinders are adjustable and can be set through software.
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