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M/s Intelligent Motion Technology Pvt. Ltd. has introduced motion platforms in their product range. Motion platforms offer 2 or 3 degrees of freedom (2-DOF or 3-DOF).

  • 2-DOF platform has Roll and Pitch movements while
  • 3-DOF platform has Roll, Pitch and Heave movements.

3 DOF platform can be used in "Truck driving simulator" to give a feel to the driver that he is actually driving a vehicle on the road. Servo motors are used for imparting the movements and coordinated motion is obtained by the usage of embedded computer. Typical payload is about 300 kg. Motion platforms with different specifications can be manufactured to suit the customer's requirement.

Our product range also includes:-
  • Antenna Control Servo System (ACSS)
  • Sun Tracking System
  • Diamond sawing and shape cutting machines
  • Stabilized platform
  • Special purpose motion control systems
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