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              to the elite market of
  Space Technology
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       Some of our satisfied clients are

   ISRO - Indian Space Research Organization, Ahmadabad
    ISTRAC - ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network, Bangalore
    NCRA - National Centre for Radio Astronomy, Pune
    INPE- Instituto Nacional de pesquisas espaciĆ”is ,Brazil
    DRDL- Defense Research Hyderabad and Development Laboratory, Hyderabad
    BARC- Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai
    KPS - K.P. Sanghavi & Sons, Surat
    ECIL- Electronics Corporation of India, Ltd., Hyderabad
    NRSC - National Remote sensing Center, Hyderabad
    SDSC - Satish Dhavan Space Centre, Sriharrikota
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