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   Antenna Control Servo System (ACSS)

Antenna Control Servo System is developed for precision motion control of the parabolic reflector type antenna (reflector diameter from 8 m to 11 m) using state of the art technology of modern digital control systems.
   Sun Tracking System

Control system is developed for an array of antennae tracking the Sun. In this application the signal from the Sun is received through parabolic reflector antenna and then it is analyzed for further study. Sun tracking is possible with two axis antenna control system.
   Compact Antenna test fixture (CATF)

This is an automated fixture with 10 degrees of freedom & is used to test the antenna up to the diameter of 2.5 mtr. Fixture is light weight and made from Aluminum
   750 mm diameter reflector for Ka-Band

750 mm diameter offset type of antennas is used for satellite communication. These antennas are used for communication with satellite such as GSAT-4 which has multiple beams operating in Ka-Band frequency band. These Light weight reflector in a single piece were made by IMTPL. Due to its small size these antennas are portable and easy to deploy/install.
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